1000HP TT Viper vs. Corvette and Mustang

September 17th, 2019

Taking it to the streets! What else is a fellow in a twin turbocharged Dodge Viper supposed to do on a warm summer night? This guy fills up with E85 and takes to the interstate (of Mexico) for a healthy dose of roll racing action. Let’s take a gander.

Featured in this clip is a twin turbocharged Dodge Viper. Already an incredible powerhouse of an automobile – in factory trim – this sweet serpent has been upgraded with a pair of turbos. Maximum output is dyno certified at 1,000whp.

In the first contest of the evening, the Viper will take on a twin turbo Mustang GT. This one turns out closer than you might think. Seems like the snake is playing with the “mouse” a bit.

Next up is the TT Mustang against a Corvette ZR1 (that’s the supercharged one). The cameraman has swapped over to the Mustang. This time the Chevy jumps out on the Mustang and gaps him in multiple hits.

Now, our focus is turned to a 750hp Gen VI Camaro ZL1 (again, supercharged). This is one slick ride with full bolt-ons, a camshaft upgrade and 93-octane fuel. That ain’t factory exhaust, either. The Camaro rolls out against a second ZR1. Red one this time. The ZR1 is evidently modified because he walks away from the powerful Camaro like it had body odor.

Tons more roll racing on this video. Don’t miss it!

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