1000HP Maximum Street Hits – ProCharged Corvette Z06, Tesla Plaid and Nissan GT-R

January 18th, 2022

Calling out the “Street Elite” for roll racing on the interstate (down in Mexico). All cars are limited to between 500hp and 1000hp and these guys (and girls) are playing to win. Take a seat in the Tesla camera car and get ready for action.

The first race of the evening is between a ProCharged Corvette Z06 and the aforementioned Tesla (Plaid). These two cars roll alongside one another with the ‘Vette sounding seriously mean. The all-wheel drive Tesla Plaid, of course, is making no sound at all. From the jump, the Tesla quietly pulls away to take the win.

For race number two, the cameraman crawls into a C6 Corvette with a supercharged V8. He will be taking on a Nissan GT-R with upgraded turbos and transmission. A Suzuki GSXR 1000 will tag along for the ride. From the jump, the Nissan takes a slight advantage over the Corvette. After a few seconds, the Chevy overtakes the GT-R and the street bike. That’s the first hit. The Nissan evidently turns up the power for the second hit as he plays with the Corvette before putting him away.

The C6 Corvette takes on a Hellcat with nitrous in the third contest. The Corvette outlasts the Hellcat in multiple hits.

There’s lots more street racing on this clip, including a BMW 340i with a supernatural roof rack, another Nissan GT-R and an Infiniti Q50 with a bad attitude.

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