1000HP LS Swapped RX8 – Street Rolls

August 16th, 2018

This is my kind of street racer. I love a small car with a big old engine and a power-adder (or two). Well, they certainly don’t get much smaller than the Mazda RX8. In factory trim, it weighs in at a scant 2,800-pounds; is 175-inches long, 70-inches wide, and 60-inches tall.

Now, outfitted with a 6.0-liter GM V8 engine and a TH400 GM transmission, the little Mazda tips the scales a bit heavier but makes it up in horse power and acceleration. Oh, best not forget – a pair of turbochargers, too.

Let’s get down to Old Mexico and get ready for some street (roll) racing.

Up first, we have a pair of twin turbo domestic sport coupes; a Camaro and a Mustang. In multiple passes, Camaro FTW.

Next, there’s a twin turbo Mustang versus a Procharged C7 Corvette Z06. Not a great night for the blue oval as the ‘Vette gets the easy victory.

A Ford has gotta’ win this one. It’s a twin turbo Mustang against a supercharged Mustang. Your guess is as good as mine. Right lane FTW!

Meanwhile, the RX8 has rolled up on a pile of Corvettes (3-lanes) and held his own before getting walked by a turbo C6 Z06.

Lots more racing on this one. Have a glimpse for yourself.


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