Ford Probe Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Dodge Durango 4.7 vs Ford Probe GT 1/4 mile drag race
Racing my brother in his 97 Ford Probe GT, vs my 01 Durango 4.7 4x4.

Turbo GSR Integra vs Turbo Ford Probe - SSPA final
cscs july 17th 2005 drag racing

7 second Ford Probe drag-car
Scary fast, in car shots and views from the line. No music. Just listen to the orchestra of the V8.

Hayabusa Turbo vs Turbo Ford Probe
visit Hayabusa Turbo vs Turbo Ford Probe.

"Ford Probe" RACE CAR runs 9.00 flat in 1/4 mile DRAG RACE
Mason-Dixon Dragway 9/2/05. Insanely Fast!

Street Outlaws JERRY BIRD Battles for $20K!
Jerry Bird, famous from Street Outlaws New Orleans on Discovery Channel, has just snagged himself a $23000 jackpot at Redemption 6.0 No Prep event in ...

13B rotary Ford Probe twin turbo - Grant Williams
Twin turbo mechanically injected 13B rotary engine. Runs 7.66 at 176.9mph at Calder Park. ...

probe 11.94 twincharged
ford probe, supercharged, turbocharged, 13psi, drag radials.

Drag Racing Satu Mare 2010 - Ford Probe - Ramona Rusu

Ford Probe GT at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
Ford Probe GT @ Mid-Ohio 6-23-07 - S3 Triple Tuner Challenge Follow Us: Instagram: 6th_gear 6th Gear Garage SHOP - T-shirts ...

probe racing
A bit of racing, 1st gen ford probe vs 2nd gen ford probe.

Ford probe with COLT cams
My Colt Race grind cams.