Kong Ported Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – Dyno Pulls

So, the gang at Late Model Performance (LMP) are at it again. These cats are among the industry leaders when it comes to GM performance. They specialize in modern forced air induction systems such as superchargers and turbochargers. This video will focus primarily on a late model Camaro ZL1 with a Kong ported blower. The ZL1 is the top tier of the Camaro line. It comes with a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine that can produce 650hp and 650 lb.-ft. of torque. LMP is hoping to see way more than that on today’s dyno test. In stock trim, the Camaro ZL1 Read More

Nissan GT-R With Full Bolt-Ons vs. Shelby GT500 With Pulley Upgrades – Street Hits

This contest has got it all. There’s the import versus domestic angle, the supercharger versus turbocharger thing and the V8 versus V6 issue. Well, these two fierce competitors are looking to settle the score on all accounts – in a single evening. Buckle-up, this is about to get crazy! Affectionally called Godzilla, the all-wheel drive Nissan GT-R is the top of the heap for Japanese performance machines. Powered by a twin turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine, this reasonably priced supercar is capable of producing 565hp and 467 lb.-ft. of torque (in stock trim). The GT-R can accelerate from 0 to 60 Read More

Sin City Shootout – Massive Cash Days

In the city that never sleeps an elite group of street racers have gathered for a single elimination drag race shootout. Substantial cash prizes are on the line, but these gearheads are looking to exercise their competitive demons and claim their crown as King of Vegas Street Racing. Let’s take it down to where the rubber meets the road and see who’s on hand. Right out of the gate, we have a pair of turbo Fox Body Mustangs going head-to-head. The pretty Fox Body (right lane) can’t keep the fronts on the pavement at the outset and is forced to Read More

First ProCharged Chevrolet Corvette C8 Hits the Street

What’s better than a mid-engine powered supercar? A ProCharged version of a mid-engine powered supercar, of course. ProCharger is so excited to announce the release of their all-new C8 lineup that they released this short video to hype it up. Let’s have a closer look. The C8 Corvette comes with an-all aluminum 6.2-liter V8 engine (naturally aspirated) that can produce 495hp and 470 lb.-ft. of torque. With the Z51 performance package, the stock C8 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8-seconds and turn the quarter-mile in 11.2-seconds @ 122 mph. Top speed is 184 mph and the C8 Read More

World Cup Finals Import vs. Domestic – 2500HP Turbo Challenger Redeye

This video takes us to Maryland for the Haltech World Cup Finals. Featured is a Dodge Challenger Redeye unlike any that you have ever seen. The underhood of this Mopar looks amazing. There’s billet everywhere! It’s a High Horse Performance BES Racing built 7.0-liter HEMI with a pair of Garrett 79-millimeter turbochargers (the factory Redeye setup is supercharged). The exhaust configuration on this car is extraordinary. The individual header pipes exit through the top of the front fenders. Under maximum boost (40 psi), this beast can churn out 2,500hp. Today, the Dodge is set on 24-25 psi of boost, and Read More

All Motor Big Block Fox Body

Nothing fancy here folks. Tonight, we take a look at a simple Fox Body Mustang with no power adders. “The Sheriff” Tim Combs has been campaigning this Ford with the same naturally aspirated (N/A) engine for over a decade. Unapologetically, Tim is lining up against turbo, supercharged and nitrous cars and logging consistent passes. Let’s drop in as the Sheriff takes on a heavy Chevy. Tom gets the hole shot in this one and drives off into the distance. One of the benefits of a N/A car is consistent times. This one was a 10.33. Next, the Sheriff is on Read More

World Cup Finals – 6-Second Toyota AE86

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to Budds Creek, Maryland for a look at what may be the fastest Toyota that you’ve ever seen. This Dominican based racing team is tearing up the track and crushing the competition at the World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic. Get a load of this mini monster. Unknown to most Americans, the Toyota AE86 is a sub-compact model coupe produced from 1984 through 1987. Unlike the stock AE86, this particular import is built to kill (on the track). It features a fully built inline 6-cylinder Toyota 2JZ engine with a 94-millimeter Precision turbocharger. The Read More

2500-Pound Nitrous Honda Civic vs. 4500-Pound Supercharged Chevrolet Caprice

Here’s an odd one for you. We have a 1994 Honda Civic EX with a seriously built LS V-Tec motor. This inline four-cylinder has been upgraded with Wiseco pistons, BC connecting rods and RS cylinder sleeves. The worked cylinder head is from a 1996 Acura Integra GSR. It has been square-ported, and it is running a pair of Skunk2 camshafts. Without the laughing gas (nitrous), this Honda can produce only 240hp. At the flip of a switch, it is capable of churning out 480hp. That’s a dangerous amount of nitrous for this small engine. Against the heavy Chevy, this car Read More