Corvette Z06 B&B Fusion exhaust sound clip STOCK MOTOR

Billy Boat B&B sound clip C6/Z06 2007 Corvette Z06. Stock motor...K&N intake and B&B Fusion Exhaust only. First 5 seconds is with bi mode valves closed. 6 seconds up until 27 seconds valves are open while revving. 27 seconds-39 seconds valves are closed while revving. didnt get on the gas to much...didnt want to piss off the neighbors. I am very happy with the sound...especially under load.

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My 2009 VY Corvette Z06

Cayman Island Scuba Divers Rescued
Yup I am on the local Cayman Island news channel. We were on a scuba diving trip Oct 5 2010 when our dive boat lost us at sea in VERY rough waters. We were floating in the ocean offshore for just over 2.5 hours before Cayman Island Royal Police Marine unit was called out. Within minutes of the call they found and rescued us. They had 5 boats and a helicopter out searching for us. Very grateful to them!

Jay's 2007 Z06 drive by with B&B Fusion
Another drive by so you can hear the Fusion Exhaust

2007 Corvette Z06 drive by. B&B Fusion & 360 Forged Mesh 8 19" front 20" rear
2007 Z06 drive by with B&B Fusion.