1971 Plymouth satelite road runner gtx mopain

1971 Plymouth 440 cu satelite road runner gtx walk around mopain unrestored paint and interior thanx dad for buying it and taking good care of it was a 383 car now a 440 automatic and a Dana. Paul Young East Lyme ct.

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Roadrunner walk around Start up

Cool V8 Sounds - 1968 Plymouth Satellite GTX
Nice pictures and sound from a 1968 Plymouth GTX 440C.I. with 4bbl carburator and dual Exhaust. Owned by Kelan Guilfoyle from 2004 to 2009 in a little township called Norwich (near Scotland) Ontario. Produced, directed and edited by Heather Roberts.

1971 Plymouth Satellite GTX Hardtop EggshellBlk ZH022114
Plymouth had a new body shell this year, and it was a very nice change. The car's nose seemed lower in this iteration, and it flowed very nicely toward the back of the car. The back window was more conventional compared to the previous style. I really like the color and the black vinyl roof. This video is for educational purposes only, and no copyright infringement is intended. Copyrighted material must display the little circle C plainly. Just as trademarked terms must display the TM. Unless this is displayed, there's no copyright. Also, under Fair Use, copyrighted items can be distributed by private individuals for educational purposes.

1971 Plymouth GTX Hard Top
1971 Plymouth GTX Hard Top 440 4bbl shift kit