BMW E21 320/6 2.0L Start up

2nd start after head work - did not think about recording the first time, too busy double checking everything. This is a 1979 Euro spec 2.0 Lt M60 or M20 depending on your take. Motor is ported with matched intake and Exhaust. Not sure about the cam it was in the car when we got it. Carb is a Holley 450cfm with mech. secondary with custom 3/4" spacer/adaptor. Headers are shorty's that I reworked with Cone Engineering collectors and Megs cones inside Great people over at Cone ENG. Exhaust is open headers in this video.

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BMW E21 1981 - 320/6
Real first start-up of my car after 17 years !

Conrads 1978 BMW 320 Euro 2.0l Inline 6 (BMW E21 320/6)
Just got my car back. Its almost finished - only needs a bit of tweaking and some break-in.

BMW E21 Triple Weber Carburettor Tuning + loud revving!!
Check out on Playground For Car Enthusiasts Become a Fan - Follow us - Loony Garage's custom built BMW E21 show car gets the triple Weber carburettors tuned. This is exclusive behind the scenes footage which shows work being done on this one of a kind BMW. Listen to the incredible engine noise when the mechanic is revving it! :-) Find the specs, photos, more info and a lovely blond Playboy model here:

BMW 320/6 2.0 Lt M-60 six Start-up after sitting for 10 months
This is the start up of our little race car 1979 BMW 320/6, it has been sitting dormant for 10 months while we have been building a cage and redoing the wiring, fuel system, added good used Holley 390 CFM race carb, new sit mounts, Lexan quarter windows and more odds and ends.