SRT-4 AGP Zeta 3.0 22psi vs. Evo IX full bolt ons tune 60mph roll run 1

SRT-4 with a agp zeta 3.0 turbo kit at 22psi with flip flop sandals on vs. a full bolt on, cammed, ivey tuned 370awhp Evo IX from a 60mph 3rd gear roll.

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Quick pull in my 408whp Zeta 3.0 powered SRT-4
This is a quick 3rd and 4th gear pull in my SRT running an AGP Zeta 3.0 on 24psi.

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Joes SRT 4 runs 11.7 at 121mph
Joes SRT 4 with an AGP Zeta 3.0 turbo Kit on pump gas and 26lbs of Boost runs 11.71 before snapping an axle