Alan Szabo Jr. XFC 2008

This is Alan Szabo Jr. at the XFC competition in Indiana, 2008.

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Autolanding INVERTED
Jason Chapman doing a autolanding INVERTED! with a TREX 600

Alan Szabo Jr. ALIGN Trex 600E Prototype Flybarless 4/1/2011 New Prototype Trex 600E Flybarless with the new ALIGN 3GX Flybarless syestem!!!!

Extreme 3D RC Helicopter flying, Insane, crazy
Video shows Helicopter Flying Upside down, backwards, roll, spin. Also shows how to change the battery pack. Helicopters don't Fly for long with a battery pac. Advanced Radio-controlled (RC) helicopter flying is called 3D. The helicopters are more maneuverable than others and can perform many maneuvers that airplanes can't do. This may be a Trex 600

Real Flight G4 3D Helicopter Demo
Like the title says...