2002 Maxima 6speed Megan Racing Catback

This also has the GAB mod (Ghetto Air Box). it adds a couple hp for free. Search gab on maxima.org.

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2002 Nissan Maxima with Megan Racing Catback + Berk Intake
Just a video of my testing out my new Megan Racing catback. I also have a Berk intake. Check my before/after video also.

2000 Maxima Warpspeed y-pipe, Megan cat-back
2000 Maxima, Cali-spec. Stock headers, Ghetto air box, Warpspeed y-pipe, new OEM cat, Megan Racing OE-RS cat-back. Cold start, light revving.

2002 Turbo Maxima fun with Corvette
Having fun with this Corvette after cars and coffee. I know he was surprised. they gave me thumbs up afterwards!

How to program a FOB remote [2002 Nissan Maxima]
2002 Nissan Maxima: How to program an FOB remote Thanks for watching and for your support! If this video helped you out in any way consider buying me a beer! https://goo.gl/cCQT7G This video will show you how to program an FOB remote on a 2002 Nissan Maxima. Also compatible with other Cars. Tools & Parts Used FOB remote: http://amzn.to/2balfc9 --------------------------------- Sponsors Buy something on Amazon and support this channel! http://amzn.to/22rJK8m Interested in Solar clean energy? http://www.electricphoton.com Get your PC or mobile device cleaned or repaired by a professional! http://www.pcturnaround.com ---------------------------------