Historic Trans Am cars warming up

Laguna Seca Historic races, Aug. 2008

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SCCA Trans Am at Road Atlanta, 1995.
More tube frames and fiberglass. Round up the usual suspects, you already know the names. And someone forgot to wake up the Weather Steward. I'm actually with Mr. Hobbs on this one..drivers should make the choices, not the officials. The tail should not wag the dog. Starting lineup's screwed by that "Fast Five" inverted start crap, but the race comes back to the *real* fast five. It rains. It dries out. And y'all can see the Road Atlanta mud. Red rings on pants cuffs forever! I don't need my region patch to show other folks where I come from.. ;)

Historic Trans-Am race cars at the 2008 Monterey Historics
20+ vintage Trans-Am cars driving through the paddock on their way out to the morning practice session. Also some footage of the same cars braking & downshifting into turn 11 during the session. Crank the volume!

Sweet Noise
Historic Trans Am race cars warming up in the paddock at the 2008 Monterey Historic Automobile Races at Laguna Seca. Bud Moore Mustangs, Penske Camaros, AMC Javelins, you name it.

The History of the Trans-Am Series
A look back on the histroy of the Trans-Am Series from 1966 to 1995. This program was aired back in 1996 on Speedvision.