07 Cadillac Escalade- 2006 new models

Hot Wheels toy cars

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How to Dye your Hot Wheels
A simple way to make those ONE of a KIND Hot Wheels..

Cadillac Escalade - Takara Tomy Long Tomica Die-cast Car Collection No. 136 - 12 Unboxing
Unboxing Tomica No. 136 Cadillac Escalade トミカ開封 No.136 キャデラック エスカレード

Awesome Hot Wheels Car '07 Cadillac Escalade
Born: 2007 Birthplace: Detroit, MI, USA Designer: General Motors Specialty: This Dubcity SUV is built with a V8 engine, chrome metal steps and a fancy grill, this SUV is built and ready to go on trips and even long trips. You'll be saying, "Are We There Yet?"

Review of 1/18 Cadillac Escalade ESV by Ricko
Here I rereview a very unique and rare Escalade by Ricko