StarCity Racing - 2000 Camaro Z28 vs 1996 Camaro Z28

LT1 vs LS1, who wins?

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Camaro LS1 vs LT1
Just cruzing down the road after the track.Just some of my friends taking some sound and rolling take off not racing.

Ls1 z28 vs. Lt1 z28
Created on June 20, 2009 using FlipShare.

1995 camaro LT1 z28 vs 2008 mustang gt
a couple other races.. well i thought there were a few others lol... and a look at the vehicles. the Camaro is a 1995 but the guy i bought it from put a 2002 ss hood and front end on it. its a work in progress. ill make an over view vid of it soon. the paint is shitty i kno lol i got it cheap though. also the mods on the Camaro. the guy said there was a mild cam in it but i havent found proof that there really is so im not listing it as a mod.

The 1996 Camaro S.S. SLP #1028 "The Яed Menace" Brake Shot on the M6
First attempt at a brake shot with the M6...Gotta have quick feet.