Roebling Road Mustang GT chasing Modded C5

This was taken running with on Saturday April 3, 2010. It was a small group, but a lot of good drivers showed for the event. I am following a track buddy in his modified C5 track car. It is gutted, with coilovers, longtubes, and running on hoosiers. We get held up towards the beginning, but we get through the traffic which includes a beautiful Viper SRT-10. I am in a modified 1998 Mustang GT. It weighs 3500lbs w/ driver with roughly 300rwhp. I have upgraded the suspension and brakes, and I am running on Nitto NT01 tires.

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Two 500hp+ Mustangs battle it out at SCCA road atlanta ecr
At road Atlanta scca ecr in july 2008 2 Mustangs Mike in the front Mustang and DHRs Brion Gluck run nose to tail at 160mph ...

Roebling Road Drivers School Race 1 Saturday 2/04/12
I had a good run with Darren in his EP rx7, a few practice starts followed by a 3 lap race. This was our first race, a lot of fun and a lot of learning. I qualified 2nd, the blue rx7 "Darren was 3rd" and pulled out in front on the front straight. I just couldnt get him when it counted! I was running on R888s and the car is setup for STL in SCCA. The Spec Miatas were very fast even while under powered compared to my motor setup.

Mustang wading in a sea of porsches
Me in my 1992 5.0 Mustang on Heartland Park's road course with a bunch of others, mostly Porsches, at the Porsche Club of America event October 2008. Running Nitto NT-01 R-compound tires with Maximum Motorsports suspension and Baer brakes

2015 Corvette Zo6 - Zo7 Performance Pack
➟ About the Video: Sorry for my lack of video posting lately, but I managed to squeeze in some time for the 2015 Zo6. What a car in person! ➫ My Facebook Page: ➫ Follow Me on Instagram: ⇝ Subscribe For More ⇜