Picking up the Bin

Construction waste can get heavy, check out how smoothly this guy picks up one heavy load! Just a little update, the driver here was doing this on purpose to be filmed. Notice how smoothly the up, down and load shifting are accomplished. The guy is a pro and you can tell by the way he keeps and treats his truck, it is/was in A1 shape. Some distracted drivers had a minor fender bender out on the busy road while this was happening... Doh!!

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BAD ASS 20 yarder of dirt ROLLOFF WHEELIE 31 TON BOX
READ B4 ADDING COMMENTS gross weight was 95000lbs the box ALONE weighed 61,800lbs all dirt packed down by a machine. The truck with 20yarder empty is 33200lbs. I know this is STUPID heavy, but I wanted to share it with everyone anyway. I tried to keep the truck as low to ground as possible when picking up the box, but in this situatuion there isnt too much you can do. There was no way to keep front on the ground, and I DIDN't DO THIS TO SHOW OFF.. I had my camera with me and wanted to share the experience. ENJOY. BTW I disabled comments because to many people comment and dont know what the fuck there saying.


Impressive Upright
One of the many ways to upright a tri-axle on its side.

Pierre Häll Scania V8
One of my personal Highlights on this years Nordic Trophy.