Barracuda Wheelies at a Wheelie Competition

An old Plymouth Barracuda wheelies for the 2011 World Power Wheelstanding Competition in Byron Illinois. Copyright 2011 Jack Davis video

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Barracuda Big Wheel Stand, at Byron 10/3/10.... Note all four wheels off the ground!!!
'68 Barracuda doing a huge wheel stand during the 16th annual World Power Wheel Standing Championships, at Byron Dragway, in Byron Illinois.... Note all four wheels come off the ground!!!

After rebuilding the motor and sporting the new paint scheme, Aj gets set to compete in Byrons 20th Annual World Power Championship Sunday with his first test pass on Saturday. Be sure to check the action out tomorrow October 5th 2014!

Barracuda wheelie goes over 900 ft at Byron Dragway
Airborne AJ Fiorelli takes his 1968 Plymouth Barracuda for a wild ride on two wheels! It goes over 900 feet in this amazing wheelie at the World Power Wheelstanding Competition in Byron IL on Oct 5, 2014. Copyright 2014 Exemplari Media

Burnouts, Wheelies, and Drag Racing
You gotta have horsepower to go fast. This fast paced video comes close to the intensity and feel of being in one of these cars during two events at the Woodburn Dragstrip. There are plenty of Mopars including E-body and A-Body Cudas, Challengers, Dodge Darts, a Plymouth Duster called Lemon Twister and a few others. One of the events was the 2013 Mopar Nationals which explains all the Mopars. There are also dragsters and a Chevy or two. 'Cuda Brothers - Preserving the Barracuda Legend Stay updated and like us on Facebook Produced by Vidimation