AEC Militant wheelying

AEC Militant Mk3 Recovery towing two Scammell Constructors. About 55 tons all up. The second Scammell has got his brakes on.

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Scammell Explorer Pulling out Army boxes
my email like subscribe comment ENJOY ------------- Filmed with iphone 5 gopro hero 4 black 2.7k 60fps

Probably the most amazing Scammell footage ever shown on YouTube....
Watch this riveting docu-drama unfold and learn about lesser known workings of a Scammell Explorer...

Royal Marine driver gets stuck
Ever tried driving a 50 ton truck up a muddy slope? This Bootneck did, and needed rescuing.

AEC Tanker First Move
AEC Militant Tanker started and moved out of Barn for the first time in the best part of 30 years