Honda Accord Valve Clearance Adjustments 5th & 6th generations

CGHQ Website: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter:!/classicgamershq We performed valve adjustments on our Honda Accords and am sharing this DIY to help those of you looking to save a few $$$. These adjustment are identical for both 5th and 6th generation Accords. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "The Walking Dead : Michonne (Ep.1 Pt.1 - In Too Deep) | Walkthrough Gameplay | 1080p HD PC" → -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Honda Accord Valve Adjustment - EricTheCarGuy
This one was a request from a couple of viewers, I like to keep you all happy so here you go. This video is actually taken from a larger video I call "Accord Smackdown", in it I replace the timing belt, radiator, a major service, and some other stuff that I don't remember. I think there will be a couple more videos from this "smackdown" in the future, there is some good stuff in there that I think you will like and possibly learn from. If you have other topics you would like covered don't hesitate to let me know, I'm happy to give you what you want. Post them as text or video responses to this or any of my videos. I'm going to get the part number for the tool I used in the video sometime next week and post it here so keep your socks on and check back sometime next week. Visit me at Visit EricTheCarGuy Forum f5e8b157727e9723c1fbf36c0 Visit my Facebook Page: Stay dirty ETCG Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information, or improper use of this information.  EricTheCarGuy assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. EricTheCarGuy recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video.  Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result.  Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not EricTheCarGuy.

Honda Valve Adjustment
Honda valves need to be adjusted on a regular interval and/or when they begin to make noise. Here is how you do it.

Honda Accord PT3 F22A1 cylender head, valve adjustment DIY
Scott shows you how to adjust the valves on a 1990 Honda accord 2.2L.

2003-2007 Honda Accord Valve adjustments
This is the 2006 Honda Accord Valve Adjustment. This is for the inline 4 cylinder, the V6 will be different. The first thing you need to do is remove the cylinder head cover. You can refer to our head cover gasket removal video. The crankshaft turns 180 degree clockwise (camshaft pulley turns 90 degree). You will have to turn the crank pulley when adjusting the valve clearance on each cylinder. Tools: 1/2 ratchet 3/8 ratchet 3/8 3" short extension set 1/2 3" extension sets 1/2 19mm deep socket Pliers Flat head screw driver Lisle 68050 Valve Feeler Gauge 3/8 10mm deep socket or the special tool Parts: None Valve lash specs: 0.21-0.25 mm (0.008-0.010 in) - Intake 0.28-0.32 mm (0.011-0.013 in) - Exhaust Torque specs: 14 ft. lbs - Intake locknut 10 ft. lbs - Exhaust locknut Valve cover removal video like and share this video! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave comments on our FB page. Like us on Facebook and SUBSCRIBE! Intro: RavenProDesign Music: Manic Bloom - Death and Conversation