Toyota Hilux 6x6

Build by Arctic Trucks for increased carrying capacity.

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MultiDrive Australia 6x6
Jeff Watson reviews the MultiDrive 6x6, 6x4 and 4x4 platforms. Produced by

Toyota Hilux ArcticTruck 6x6
Тест-драйв Toyota Hilux ArcticTruck 6x6 Toyota Tundra 6x6 Hercules on Moscow Off-Road Show 2017. Video: Photo:

MultiDrive Australia
We are leaders in designing and manufacturing multidrive systems for heavy duty all terrain vehicles. Our unique technology, the MDT system, compliments the popular Toyota Landcruiser 4x4 vehicle family now used in the domestic, recreation, mining, police and defence force environments.

Toyota Hilux ArcticTruck 6x6
Arctictrucks Hilux 6x6