Racing Simulator

Home-made racing cockpit with working gauges, home-made H-shifter, fully working radio and Logitech G25. I will only answer questions in English or German.

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Homemade Racing Simulator Cockpit
This is a update of my homemade racing cockpit (simulator) Hope you like it.

Mercedes Benz TecDay 2010 Driving Simulator 2
SUBSCRIBE for daily car videos! Mercedes Benz TecDay 2010 Driving Simulator 2

I converted my Lamborghini into an Xbox controller !
I connected my Lamborghini Aventador to my Xbox to play Forza 7. I have chosen the same spec for my in-game aventador Ahah. The sensation is incredible ! This is ultra realistic. The best simulator you can hope for. Follow me for more videos about my ultimate gaming setup : My Instagram : My Facebook :

Der neue MB Actros - The new MB Actros
here you can see some pictures of the new actros,including some interior pictures 445167.html