NGP Racing's APR supercharged B7 Audi RS4

A quick blast of first and second leaving the NGP compound. Car is a 2007 Audi RS4 with an APR Supercharger system, NGP-fabricated cat-back Exhaust, BBS CH-R wheels, KW V3 coilovers, and various external touches (carbon fiber roof, black trim, etc)

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VF Engineering Supercharged RS4
Supercharged Audi RS4 by VF-Engineering driven at Spring Mountain Racepark Jul 2010.

Audi RS4 B7 with custom supercharger REVS, sound, startup, walkaround in Budapest
The stock B7 Audi RS4 makes 420 hp, howewer that wasn't enough for this one's owner, so he supercharged it and it now makes 570 hp, and sounds beautiful. Subscribe: Also like on Facebook: Intro music:

Steve Flying Tomatoes supercharged Audi RS4 @ Sowo
Audi RS4 APR supercharged with ADV wheels

APR Stage 3 Supercharged B7 RS4
APR Stage 3 Supercharged B7 RS4.