Mini Cooper Coupe: 2011 Frankfurt Preview

BMW's iconic MINI brand is taking another step. It's building a coupe. That's right a two seater fast backed coupe. Will it make it here in the U.S.? No one knows, but Fiat certainly wants in as well.

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Mini Cooper Coupe: So Fast It Can Outrun Ugly There's no doubt that the new 2012 Mini Cooper Coupe, headed for the Frankfurt Auto Show, is going to be fast. But the design? You really have to love performance to overlook the styling. We're trying.

2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe review
Mini introduces a two seater Coupe with great handling but limited visibility. From

The new 2011 Mini Cooper S Coupe
The new, real 2011 Mini Cooper S Coupe under cover in the car park

All new MINI Cooper Coupe 2012 Interior
All new MINI Coupe 2012 Interior