9.98 @ 144MPH Clinic F6 by Dnyo-mite performance

Ford Forums drag day at Heathcote

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Ford Forums drag day at heathcote

Clinic F6 @ 2013 Ford Forums Heathcote Ran 9.53 @ 154mph
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Australia's Quickest BA XR6 Turbo
Phil Chain's XR6 turbo currently holds the record with an 8.4 at 166mph, but the boys had some problems getting it down the track at Jamboree and only (??) managed a couple of 9.1sec runs at over 160mph. It's a beast of a thing with a massive GT47R turbo. How soon until we see a 7sec pass from an XR6 turbo is Australia?

clinic f6 runs 9.98 Dyno-mite performance
clinic runs 9.98@142.54 with 4 speed auto full weight unleaded. owned and driven by Adrian Abela, built and tuned by Dyno-mite Performance. P.S listen to the poor auto!