Brandon and his mom's van

Trying to drift the mini van

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Mini Van HUGE JUMP!!!
Apparel - 15% DISCOUNT Code "Freeman408" Mark Freeman launching the mini van into space off a berm!

My Dodge Caravan Sport/SE 2000 (Modified) (Part 3)
My first personal vehicle (since 2009). Enjoy ;) Racing Video Games (On My Video Games Channel): -I hope you enjoyed this video. Tell me what you think in the comments and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE, to LIKE, and SHARE the video to help me grow my channel. Thank you :) ------------------------------------ -J'espère que vous avez aimé cette vidéo. Dites-moi ce que vous en pensez dans les commentaires et n'oubliez pas de VOUS INSCRIRE, de LIKER, et de PARTAGER la vidéo pour m'aider à faire grandir ma chaîne. Merci :) -Follow me on Twitter (Suivez-moi sur Twitter): -Follow me on Google+ (Suivez-moi sur Google+): My Video Games Trailers Playlist:

7 second minivan - no kidding
This plain looking Dodge Caravan pulled up at the local drag strip tonight and we all laughed - but we didn't laugh for long!

The Junkyard runs 11.99@117 on a 140hp $90 Dodge Caravan motor from the junkyard. First pass.
Add turbo system to a motor that makes 140hp at the crankshaft. E85 fuel. PT6765 turbo. 16 pounds of Boost. stock heads, stock cams, stock headgasket, stock shortblock, stock naturally aspirated ECU. No tune. Rising Rate regulator for fuel and Methanol injection. Car was finished the night before racing and the junkyard water pump locked up on the freeway and had to be changed in the Home Depot Parking lot so we could make it to the race track. Got booted because the junk motor had a camshaft seal oil leak. Instead of fixing the oil leak. I built an oil catch pan (required for 11 second cars at our track in the next race season anyways) so i would not have to repair the oil leak. I was not going to spend money fixing this cheap junk motor. Great Depression Racing