Rover V8 engine

Rover V8 engine running in stand

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Rover V8 engine started on the floor. Holley, Offenhauser and electronic ignition. No Exhaust pipes
A silly thing to do of course but starting a Rover V8 on the floor is very satisfying. At least you know it will be worth dropping in to a project if it works.

The new Rover V8 in my MGB - Starting for the first time
So, after a year or so I have finaly inserted a new V8 in my MGB. This video show the very first (and successful) attempt at starting the new engine. After 7 years on the road, the original engine's block cracked 1 month before I retired and moved to Lyme Regis in July 2007. I've never performed anything major like this before, so this was a big and anxious moment.

Track day Dutton Phaeton kit car 3.9 Rover V8 early run
The trackday Dutton Phaeton my mate and I are building runs for one of its earliest times. A long time in the building, with an ex-Heath Hartles Rover 3.9 V8 for power. Pretty she ain't, but she should be reasonably swift.

Proto Land-Rover V8 4,6L bi-Turbo de 400 ch !
oilà un magnifique délire de mécanicien passionné et génial ! Parce que réparer les autos formatées ''produits de grande consommation'' des autres, à l'aide d'ordinateurs et de sondes électroniques, n'a plus grand-chose de commun avec la chose mécanique de ses débuts, Bernard s'est lancé dans une aventure un peu folle. Mais quel résultat !