0-60 Bully Dog Tuned 2011 Ecoboost F150

Click the LIKE button if you like this! (please) This is a 2011 Ford F150 Crewcab 4x4 with the Off Road package XLT with 33" off road tires and Aeroturbine Exhaust doing two 0-60 runs with the new Bully Dog Premium Fuel Tune

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2011 5.0 F150 5star tuned 0-60 and burnout
Mike@ 5 star tuning sent me the 87 performance tune and I had him adjust shift line pressure and firmness up. So far the shifts are crazy! I'm awaiting the mpg results. The drive by wire delay is gone SAWEET! I'll Make a better video when I can buy a go pro :(

Tuned F150 Ecoboost 0-100

2012 F150 Driving 0-60 0-110 Bully Dog intake, Magnaflow exhaust, tuned.
This is my 2012 F-150. I received the tuner and did some videos. Note how the transmission doesn't upshift at low speeds like it should. I'm hoping to get this fixed. Also not that in tow/haul mod it shifts earlier. Mods: Bully Dog intake 5 Star tune Dual Exhaust into a dual in/dual out Magnaflow 22" 12568 muffler.

2011 Ford Raptor 6.2L 0-60 w/ Intake
2011 Ford SVT Raptor 6.2L with AFE intake, and 5-star tune. iPhone Dynolicious software shows a best of 5.94 which this video also appears to indicate.