2002 Nissan Maxima 6-Speed vs. 2007 Honda Civic Mugen Si

My 2002 Nissan Maxima running a 2007 Honda Civic Mugen Si from 4 runs (2 40mph runs and 2 20mph runs). 2002 Nissan Maxima Mods: -Berk Intake -Megan Racing Catback 2007 Honda Civic Mugen Si Mods: -Mugen Sports Exhaust -Test Pipe

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05 DC5 vs. 03ish Maxima 6 speed x2
My RSX-S w/ I/RH/E/RBC/KPRO runs 2 Maxima's around 2002-2003 years, both were 6 speed and one had I/H/E and possibly a tune and cutout, not sure.

Nissan Maxima vs Honda Civic
Ran this little modded EG honda civic. I mean I don't underestimate any car when I'm at the track, period!!! He was gutted, had custom Exhaust and slicks so I knew he wasn't the average honda. Gave me a good little run but the grocery getter came out on top.

2002 Maxima VS 2005 STI
vq35 maxima vs Subaru STI

Nissan Maxima VS K series Honda Civic Coupe
I've ran countless amount of cars but I gotta say this was the most fun. Thanks for the motivation homie. See you next year ^_^