Ripping a Subaru SVX Flat 6 in Snow w/ Custom Exhaust & 5 Speed Conversion - 911's B Jelly

92 Subaru SVX, 5 Speed Conversion, Custom Exhaust and Crappy Tires Vs 3 Inches of Snow on top of soft ground

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Subaru SVX Lucy Bee R set to 4k:: Flat Foot Shifting / Power Shifting / No Lift Shift:::
set to 4k.......... up to date pics found here..........

1996 Subaru SVX Top Gear Hot Lap
Track: Top Gear Full Track Assists Bracking: ABS Steering: Simulation Traction & Stability Control: Off Shifting: Manual Damage, Fuel, Tire Wire: Simulation

Subaru SVX drift
Subaru SVX LSi model 1997 drift

Today I had the great experience and filming of the Exhaust Competition of whose Subaru was the Loudest in Stafford Springs, CT at Wicked Big Meet 2017, some crazy LOUD Exhausts. So if you missed the event or would love to check it out again, Here it is! :D What Subaru was your Favorite? WHAT I USE TO MAKE MY VIDEOS: Canon T6i: Canon T6i Bundle: Camera Tripod: Camera Microphone: Joby GorillaPod: DSLR Suction Mount: Phone Suction Mount: Phantom 4 Drone: Wide Angle Lens: WHAT I USE TO WASH MY CARS: Foam Canon: Car Wash Bundle: Wash Mitten: Car Wash: Tire Shine: Quick Detailer: Finishing Enhancer: *Camera Gear and Car Wash supplies are Affiliate Links* INSTAGRAM - STAGGERED HORIZONS FACEBOOK - STAGGERED HORIZONS SNAPCHAT- StaggrdHorizons Subscribe for vlogging, repairs, installations, car reviews, adventures and more. Delivering great content weekly, with a New Video Every Week! Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share!