1997 Mustang V6 5 speed

This is my old 1997 Mustang with a 5 speed transmission. It has 17" bullit rims and nitto radials. It has a BBK CAI, shorty headers, new clutch, and new brakes. I have flowmaster super 44's on it now, and i also have a vid of the Flowmasters.

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Test Run in 97 V6 Mustang
3.8 L V6. Needs new water pump, thermostat, and muffler.

1997 Mustang Update Hood & Paint!!
a very long awaited day. exactly a month from my deer accident i get my car back from the shop and it looks amazing. they did a great job.

1997 Mustang burnout
This is a 1997 Mustang with a 3.8 v6 doing a burnout also a sound clip of the Exhaust it will be for sale when we get the clutch and window also a 0-60 and a flyby or drive by sub add rate comment

1997 Ford Mustang
1997 3.8 Mustang. Video walk around first snow fall 2010/11.