1997 Mustang V6 5 speed

This is my old 1997 Mustang with a 5 speed transmission. It has 17" bullit rims and nitto radials. It has a BBK CAI, shorty headers, new clutch, and new brakes. I have flowmaster super 44's on it now, and i also have a vid of the Flowmasters.

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1996 Mustang 3.8
This is my old 1996 Mustang 3.8L. Both airbags were deployed. It has GT rims on it and a brand new set of ULTRA HPR RADIAL G/T tires on it. I got my flowmaster true duals with 3" chrome tips.

1997 Ford Mustang V6 flow master exhaust
Well I sold my Chevy for a ford that should be a sad country song. Never thought this day would happen but it's a great car and I enjoy it and it looks damn good for its age.

97 Mustang 3.8 knock rattle
I bought ANOTHER Mustang. This one is a 97 3.8l V6 5-Speed 119k. Was supposed to be a driver, but I'm getting into it more then I wanted. Runs great at idle. 5/28/2013 - I FINALLY PULLED THE ENGINE!!! YAY! lol! It had multiple spun rod bearings, the cranks and con. rods were scored as was the cam. Also had a blown head gasket. This motor was toast!

97 mustang v6 automatic converted to a 97 mustang v8 4.6 manual beast
(the spoiler and kit are gone was not my idea on the car it is back to the way it was always supposed to be) changed my car over from a v6 automatic to a v8 manual. this v8 already had a shorty shifter and cold air intake with possi rear end with 2.73 gears that are about to get changed out for 4.10 gears. it took a week to do this process only because we had only the night time to work on it due to us having work. but it is done and runs perfect with no problems with the engine.