TopNotch5.0 vs Thunder

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2008 STi E85 vs 5858 B18C civic hatch ROLL RACE
30 ROLL 2008 sti: K&N Intake Invidia TBE Grimspeed 3 port bcs Gofastbits bov Access Port V2 tuned by Boosted Performace Tuning E85 Stock turbo @23psi Civic EG hatchback: Pistons/Rods B18c Sheepy top mount turbo kit Precision 5858 BB turbo @18psi B16 lsd transmission Hoosier slicks Tuned by Dan @Dynosport

Thunder vs AdamE

50 trim SRT4 12.5 @ 111mph
2004 SRT4 running 12.5 @ 111mph at Kearney Raceway Park. The car was having issues idling full rich so traps were inconsistent throughout the day. 1.8 60' on MH 24.5x8.5x15 slicks with 16psi in them. Launched too high, hard to watch rpm and tree at the same time with no launch control. -agp 50 trim @ 20is psi -agp return line, walbro 255, rc 750cc injectors -pump gas -agp fmic, hard pipes, hks bov -3" tbe -act clutch