Clark Ranger Log Skidder 668 sn#505B

Clark Ranger Log Skidder 668 sn#505B 30.5 x 32 tires.

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Skidder Ranger CLARK 666 in the Yard
Clark 666

Skidder Demonstration
This video spotlights an important piece of equipment used in most logging operations, the skidder. It contains information on the two most common types of skidders- rubber tire and track- and highlights several important features on these models. Efficiency of these machines is briefly examined

Skidder Pulls Another Skidder And A Chevy 4x4 Out Of DEEP MUD
The guy in the skidder that is sitting in the swamp was foolish for pulling the chevy out thru there. He intentionally drove into it rather than around it and well MIRED!!

Clark Ranger F668 Grapple Skidder Walkaround
These where the best skidders ever made.