Briggs & Stratton engine turned into a flywheel engine!

This engine was featured on the cover of "Gas Engine Magazine". It was built by Jesse Cook in WV using old cast iron wheels as the flywheels. This Briggs & Stratton engine will turn so slow that it's unbelievable!

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5 hp Economy hit & miss engine full power to low and slow
This is a 1920sh hit and miss engine attached to a modern generator. Plugged into the generator are a couple of heaters to provide a "load". The video starts with the engine at full load, 450 rpm, "hitting" all the time. The water is boiling in the hopper to cool the engine. As the load is removed it starts to "miss" so it won't go too fast. I then manually fire the ignition to get it to run real slow. It would run even slower without the generator attached!

Briggs and Stratton lawn mower scrap metal steam engine
See more at This first run with oak cylinder head with glass pane of 8mm thick, withstood the 3 bar steam pressure without big problems. Using a Land-Rover Series3 flywheel and powering an old ICL computer tapedeck servomotor for 12vdc 55watt car headlight, it proves to be quite strong. The only thing I need is a bigger boiler and coal in stead of wood. Next time? Hope you liked the show and will click on the thumbs-up icon below. Follow this link to Wheelnutt's exterior valve driven B&S engine if you like : dex=1&feature=plcp All the best from France, Ernie

Hot Rod Maytag Twin Engine
This is my Hot Rod Maytag. It has been customized with stainless steel stacks, a beautiful custom stainless steel hanger, and Oak skid. It runs beautifully, especially when you consider that it's over 60 years old! These engines hung underneath Maytag Washers as an option for those folks who didnt have electricity. Hard to believe these days eh?

12 horse power briggs and stratton steam engine
12 horse briggs and stratton engine that i converted to run off steam