Crazy camber Kawashima Celica leaving the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown

The Kawashima Celica driving out of the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown's hall. More at:

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Bosozoku highway cruising 昭和倶楽部の走り
Highway cruising with a crew of bosozoku. Watch in 60fps! See more like this at:

Hellaflush Japan 2011, Kinchan takes Mark Arcenal out in his IS250
D1 driver Kinya Nishio takes Mark Arcenal for some drifting in the carpark of Fuji Speedway

Drift GT-R misses crashing by inches! Kawabata in the GReddy R35 D1GP GT-R at Ebisu Circuit
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Tsukuba Circuit drifting in a JZX100 Mark II 筑波サーキット2000コースドリフト走行
Tsukuba Circuit full-course drift with Team Fool. 筑波サーキットのコース2000チームFOOL番長ク ラスのドリフト。 Specs: JZX100 Mark II Tourer V 1JZ-GTE VVTi (2.5L) HKS GT2835 Pro HKS Super SQV HKS F-CON V Pro ECU Tuned by JUN Auto ~390PS/287kW Photo by: