Crazy camber Kawashima Celica leaving the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown

The Kawashima Celica driving out of the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown's hall. More at:

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Fixing and drifting a Skyline at Ebisu Circuit - Noriyaro Ep. 3
Alexi fixes a blown brake hose with new stainless mesh hoses, then goes drifting on Minami Course with some D1GP drivers in the Beercan Skyline at Ebisu Circuit. Website: Facebook: Instagram:

Slammed Hellaflush 350Z Burnout + Scraping HD
Well, the same 350Z with new front wheels and a lower setup doing what he does best. Almost destroying his carbon fiber rear diffuser getting out of my driveway, and lighting up his tires!

civic crazy 3 wheel
i filmed this car for our dvd, i dont own it nor did i build it, i did how ever design it. ANYONE WHO POSTS RUDE COMMENTS WILL BE BLOCKED AND REMOVED. IM TIRED OF READING THEM ALL. AND CAN WE PLEASE PUT AN END TO THE DEATH THREATS ITS A CAR FOR GODS SAKE. scotts hatch thats tubbed for 22s. he's got some freaky 3wheel action goin on. most of you may remember this before when it was just stock black or primered grey, well its painted now after coming to me for a paint design i helped him out and later met him at drop zone to feature his car for the new dvd.

Lowrider Flipping Over
Was at a hop off and recorded this. I was pushed out of the way in the end of the video BTW. Notice: I am the ORGINAL owner of this video and can be quickly verified through upload dates. Any other reproductions found on youtube or are in violation of copyrights. This video can only be licensed through me and no other individuals. Anyone else seeking to gain any form of monetary compensation from this video will also be in violation of applicable copyright laws.