Bobby Fazio NHRA Super Stock '64 Mustang SS/L In Car Camera

Round 1 of the Lucas Oil Division 1 race May 28, 2011 My first attempt at this in car camera stuff (as you can probably tell) since I put it too low and you can't see much. Anyways, just wanted some of you to see what goes on in the Mustang down the track.. I'll try to put better ones up when I get better with this camera!

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Bobby Fazio NHRA Superstock SS/L '64 Mustang In-Car side view Qualifying
Second qualifying session from Cecil County 2011 LODRS. No I didn't lose, we are in different classes and both trying to run under our certain designated time. Using the clutch throughout..

in car super stock hemi 4 speed Charlie Westcott
CW sr. making a test pass in the "fishtank" at 131 dragway. Had to lift when the back end came around in 4th gear. Was a fast run up till then.

Bobby Fazio NHRA Super Stock SS/L in car 2014 Atco LODRS E1
First round of Super Stock eliminations - Bobby Fazio 1964 Mustang 289ci stick shift vs Bob Cupp in the 327ci 1965 Chevelle.

Bobby Fazio NHRA Super Stock '64 Mustang Rear Suspension SS/L Rear Suspension Video
A rear camera video of my suspension during Atco LODRS 2013 Qualifying session. Any advice welcomed. Front end was not moving much during these runs but I also can't figure out why my car seems to drive down on the RR tire and lift the LF tire higher than the RF. We have tried 110lb, 130lb and now 150lb springs in the rear.