b18c5 civic vs mustang

at cayuga in 2004

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B18C5 Civic DX meets K20a2 Civic VX
Not a fair comparison of the motors since one car is loaded down with an extra 220lbs. Hope to get a fair run sometime in the future....

Sleeper Civic vs. Mustang
Boosted civic vs a Mustang.

B-Series All Motor EG Vs K-Series All Motor TypeR
His Honda is in Honda Tuning magazine JUNE 2012 issue article Restomod Heat Seeker Some Videos of my buddys Real Honda Integra TypeR With DC5 TypeR Swap K20A Vs My EG Hatch With a B-Series

RSX-S vs. E36 M3 vs. B18C5 EG Civic
Mods in the Video.