b18c5 civic vs mustang

at cayuga in 2004

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B18C5 Civic DX meets K20a2 Civic VX
Not a fair comparison of the motors since one car is loaded down with an extra 220lbs. Hope to get a fair run sometime in the future....

Mustang vs Civic
My friends racing from the light. I think we all know who will win. The Mustang starts in 2nd gear to give the Civic a chance. 2001 Mustang GT Bullitt: JLT cold air intake, X pipe, Flomaster series 40, and 3" tips.

civic vs. mustang cobra
EG civic racing with Mustang cobra on 135th in compton. the cobra took the move and won

RSX-S vs. E36 M3 vs. B18C5 EG Civic
Mods in the Video.