Trifecta Sonic

Initial testing done on my 1.4T Sonic with a Trifecta Tune. Track logging via Torque for Android on my HTC Thunderbolt

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Sonic 1.4T with budget tune By Trifecta runs mid 15 at the track
If you want to know more about the car check out my Build log If you want to know more about the tune Check out Bad New Racing

Super Sonic!
A brief tour of my new car!

Sonic Stock vs Trifecta Tune
1.4L turbo Sonic stock tune pull and trifecta tune pull.

Dirty Daily (Chevy Sonic Turbo)
Took advantage of a beautiful day to get some practice in with my camera equipment. The car is my daily driver Chevy Sonic: 1.4l turbocharged engine ZZP intake ZZP Exhaust Trifecta Tune 162WHP/216WTQ Enjoy. RE UPLOAD, I didn't like the way the previous one rendered so I adjusted some things and now it's good.