How to start a truck in West Bengal India

Saw this tractor was jacked up and had a rope tied through the wheel. Didn't understand why. Maybe waiting for parts? They showed me later what the rope was for.

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Happens only in India
We saw this on the Bengalooru-Pune highway in India. A truck tied to another backwards and being towed. The traffic was almost stagnant.

Truck Fail Compilation #1 March 2014
Truck Fail Compilation #1 March 2014 Subscribe to Dashcam Planet TV for the Craziest Dashcam and CCTV Action Around the World !!!!!!!!

indian lorry taking
lorry on way up to Rohtang pass, Himachel Pradesh, India. everyone being really cool about the hold up.

Байк слет мото малоярославец 2011. Химера :)