Rock Crawling 4Runner - Campbell Trails

My First Project

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IFS 86 4runner beating the ravine, rock crawling at six points pa off road 4x4 4 wheeling event
This is a 1986 4runner with IFS and no modifications other then a welded differential, bigger tires, some major weight reduction, a custom fabricated cross member (smashed the factory one) and custom fabricated 3rd row seating. We were in a group of about 10-14 heavily modified Jeeps ( front and rear lockers, lifts, big tires, etc). Only one jeep (that made my truck look like a tinker toy) out of the group attempted this and it actually caused so much flex his rear coil spring popped out. After he fixed it I decided to give it a shot though I doubted the 4runner could do it. To my surprise and pretty much everyone there I found out just how possible it was. My purposely red neck sounding comment at the end was a response to my clutch I had to abuse to get through.

IFS 1986 4runner rock crawling at six points pa off road 4x4 4 wheeling event
The truck is completely stock with a welded rear differential and 35" tires, no lift. The video doesn't do the rock garden justice, to get an idea watch the driver side front tire nearly disappear when I hit the bolder with it.

Toyota 4Runner Rock Crawling
Rock crawling my 4runner at holy jim with a bit of flexing. Those are approx 4 foot stones..

1987 Toyota 4Runner Rock Crawler Part 1 of 3
A series of video clips and pictures over the past years.