Rock Crawling 4Runner - Campbell Trails

My First Project

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My 1999 Toyota 4runner walking up waynes world.
Just finally got my 4runner done with the 60 up front so we went out to 5mile pass in Utah, here is a video of it going up waynes world on the rattle snake trail!

Toyota 4Runner Rock Crawling
Rock crawling my 4runner at holy jim with a bit of flexing. Those are approx 4 foot stones..

Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions - BYX
BYX Team Olympia pledge mission music video. Featuring: Keaton Parker, Tripp Cashion, David Bingaman, Aaron Kestner, Bryan Harris, John Morris, Lowell Taylor, Stephen Barthel, Nick Pavey, Andrew Moffett

Co4Lo Moab 09 Part 1 of 13
All the Video footage from the the 2009 Co4Lo Moab trip. Unedited.