2012 Fj Cruiser Trail Teams Doughnuts Long Beach Washington

Just some random fun. 2012 FJ TT TRD exhuast

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Slaughterhouse / 2012 Trail Teams Run
http://tctmag.me http://fb.com/tctmagazine http://instagram.com/tctmagazine http://twitter.com/tct_magazine Our footage from the Slaughterhouse Gulch/2012 Trail Team Edition run & photo shoot. Please forgive the odd music, we've been experimenting with Garage Band for iPad. Subscribe to TCT Magazine FREE: http://tctmag.me/tctsubnow See the full FJC Magazine April 2012 issue here: http://www.fjc-mag.com/april-2012/april-2012-volume-5-issue-2-fjc-magazine

Toyota FJ Cruiser Tips on Escalator in Moab
FJ Cruiser Tips on Escalator in Moab Makes it past the hardest point very well, then we make the mistake of relaxing a little too early, and have to winch it back to all 4 wheels again. Maybe he just wanted to show off his new homebuilt custom skidplate. Also watch the toyota Atrac in action. Only damage was some scuffing of the left rear wheel arch, and a broken lens on the tail light. The taillight was a decent fix with some quick epoxy

Cross Roads 4WD and SoCal FJ Cruisers in Deer Springs, Jan 21, 2012

Driving Rear Wheel Drive FJ Cruiser on Sandy Beach
Tires Deflated, Rear Diff Lock ON, and have fun :D at the beautiful Beach of Villa Sileen in Libya