KAWASAKI Z1A KZ900 Circuit Racing course Motorcycle Race

The leading part : Kawasaki Z1 Z900. A lot of another running associations KawasaKI Z1 Z900 GSX-R1000 TZR250 NSR250 FZR250 ZX-9R YZF- R1 GSX1100S RGV-γ250 ZX-10R ZX-12R GSX1300R of motorcycle from the latest to domestic and foreign old car Animation to love each other http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=KJD-THocumA&feature=channel_page It is lovely. http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=1gdeAoOvyEo&feature=channel_page First ostrich dish specialty store and [raida-zukafe] MACH? in Japan 3171-..[yo] 469?6 TEL&FAX072?361.. Osaka Prefecture Sakai City Mihara Ward north .... http://www.h4.dion.ne.jp/~maltuha/index.html Information on shop holiday The next day on the first Tuesday every month becomes shop holiday. It is a beautiful woman dog. http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=rmQISVaOmSw&feature=channel_page

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戦艦大和ロケセット Battleship YAMATO location set 山本五十六
Battleship Japanese location set Genesis Sn large location set The total cost of construction about 600 million yen was spent in the Hitachi Shipbuilding & Engineering Mukaishima west factory site in the Hiroshima Prefecture Onomichi City Mukaishima-cho, and the battleship Japanese location set as big as the original dimension was made. 190 meters from the prow to the vicinity of the bridge were reproduced among 263 meters in the total length. It was chiefly constructed with the iron frame, the frame for the interior, and plywood. The barrel and the upper part of the bridge of the first main armament tower are omitted. Because the bridge became a multistory building, Building Standard Law was not able to be cleared. Moreover, there was no space that set up the foundation of the main armament because of installation features, and it became shape that only Hazcama is simplified about the first main armament. Those lack parts synthesized 1/10 models that had been exhibited in a Japanese museum and were taken of a picture. It was extremely simplified from the first main armament ahead in the part newly increased for opening to the public, and the perfection was low. It completes it in March, 2005. It was done until June of the same year, and general was open to the public to taking a picture on July 17 of the same year (admission fee adult 500 yen and child 300 yen). The making scene of the movie of the scene that used the Kei dining room (Did business as it is as a dining room) used as staff's dining room besides opening the set to the public, properties, the panel exhibition, and the Japanese location set was telecasted at the same time. The period of opening to the public is extended until the period of Golden Week May 7 of the same year while doing a detailed restoration for attendance figures that greatly exceed the expectation though opening to the public was scheduled to be ended by thinking about the longevity of the set at first on March 31, 2006. The heroic deed of one million person breakthrough is achieved on the final day. 1,002,343 visitors every 253 days except the closed day visited. Dismantlement was begun on May 10 after opening to the public ended. In addition, the waiting time of three hours was generated in the voice to hope for the extension of opening to the public until it visited a lot of sets on the fact and the finality of opening to the public day. However, it became a close being regretted because the installation site of the location set was a shipyard under the stop, and re-operation of this shipyard approached. When a Japanese museum in Kure City proposed to Toei that it wanted you to contribute 64 points in total such as the main armament body, machine guns, and properties, Toei seems to have accepted pleasantly. Two as of 2008. exhibition in annex in Japanese museum 0 wars that Kanoya is preserved http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZzlz9M6dvk 0 wars preserved in Kanoya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_WGdGZy02A&feature=channel_page Two expression large boat preserved in Kanoya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niMmcK7LBS8&feature=related Kanoya naval forces Air Squadron base mark Oxygen torpedo and propeller http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0nAy3US4gs Himeji naval forces Air Squadron base mark Glide slope mark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ars55ZEH8&feature=channel_page Himeji naval forces Air Squadron base mark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRHrjQ2BWl0 0 wars of Chiran http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdLS29e-z2c&feature=channel_page Fumble in Chiran http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uqtv41u7Sk Kushira naval forces Air Squadron base mark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8L5iSlvasg Naval forces Kushira base glide slope http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA06Bccb6i8 Kanoya naval forces Air Squadron base mark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dQBT0YQn-4 Cenotaph http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEMfHzq_qyg Naval forces secondarily in Kokubu Air Squadron base mark http://www.youtube.com/my_videos_edit2?ns=1&video_id=-1Q5HJuV2Zs Blue door army Air Squadron base mark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cVo2DNLjvk Yo army Air Squadron base mark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFxD7S2AJDc Three seat surveillance plane remains http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIQETFV6tWw 鹿屋の保存されているゼロ戦 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZzlz9M6dvk 鹿屋で保存されているゼロ戦 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_WGdGZy02A&feature=channel_page

KAWASAKI Z1 Z1A custom Mach chief 900super four KZ900
久しぶりに見ました、兄貴が乗っているZ1 良い音してますね、 日本初のダチョウ料理専門店、 ライダーズカフェMACHⅢ 大阪府堺市美原区北余部469-6 TEL&FAX 072-361ー3171 http://www.h4.dion.ne.jp/~maltuha/index.html 店休日のお知らせ、 毎月第一火曜日その翌日が店休日になります Zet moxa cautery) is total displacement 903 to which Kawasaki Heavy Industries did the manufacturing sales from 1972 to 1976 It is a motorcycle of cc ..Kawasaki, Z1 (Zettowan), and Z900 (... The main parameter(North America specification) * The first year of manufacturing: 1972 * Total length × width × total height: 2200(A European specification is 22 45)× 865 × 1170mm. * Mainframe: Steel pipe double Cradle * Suspension form: o Reception desk: Sata telescopic o Rear: Chokedamp enclosed shock absorber ×2 * Brake o Front wheel: Disk brake(single) o Rear wheel: Drum * Dry weight: 230kg * Engine type: Z1E type (four valve parallel cylinders of four air cooling strokes DOHC2) * Total emission: 903 Cc * Boa × stroke: 66 × 66mm * Compression ratio: 8.5 * Max power: 82 hp/ 8,500 rpm * Max torque: 7.5 kg-m/ 7,000 rpm Z1 age * Z1(August, 1972?Initial type in July, 1973):(In the middle of the model) The execution of the oil leak measures of the central cam chain tunnel. * Z1A(August, 1973?July, 1974):A change in the engine ignition timing and black painting of the engine are abolished, and the brake shoe remainder amount indicator is newly established in a rear brake. * Z1B (August, 1974?): It changes with the change of the capacity of the fuel tank and the chain oiler abolition "900" the seal chain adoption and the emblem styles of type. Z900 age * Z900-A4 (model in 1976): Front wheel double disk making (Only a European specification :), change in the ignition system, Shaiki change by the antipollution policy, and maximum output/torque → 81 ps/ 7.3kg. A basic frame (Though the displacement improved) and the engine block are succeeded as it is though Z1000 (-A1) is put on the market in 1977, and a peculiar silhouette to Z1 is lost by two muffler making.

Mitsubishi A6M Zero YAMATO museum JMSDF Etajima Naval Base
A Japanese museum (Kure City maritime affairs history science pavilion) is introducing various "Science and technology" including shipbuilding and the steel making that became the foundation of "History of Kure" that is the history of the modernization of Japan since the Meiji era and the modernization while touching life and a culture the predecessors' efforts and at that time. 1/10 battleship "Japan" is all exhibited in the pavilion, and 0 expression fighter on warship and special attack flotilla "Time heaven" of the large-scale material exhibition room and special purpose submarine "Sea dragon", etc. are real things. The thing such as "Shinkai the main armament body and the submersible research vehicle" of battleship "Mutsu" is exhibited in outdoor, and the park where the lawn plaza and the size of Japan were reproduced is maintained. The Etajima base (gotten stripes Kichi and JMSDF Etajima Naval Base) is bases of whereabouts and the Maritime Self-Defense Force in a Hiroshima Prefecture Etajima City Etajima government-owned-cho no house number. There are LCAC training facilities, a maintenance place, and Self Defense Forces Abraba etc. of the ending type transportation warship disposed to Kure bases in the first Technical School, another, and Maritime Officer Candidate School the opposite bank. Moreover, special force "Special Boarding Unit (SBU)" of the Maritime Self-Defense Force is disposed here. The antecedent in the Etajima base is a naval academy that is the organization of the training of the officer of the arm of the Japan Sea of Japan army. The naval academy moves from Tokyo and the reclaimed land to Etajima in 1888, and the source necessary before the war of the row with the Annapolis strategy school of a Dartmouth strategy school and American naval forces of British naval forces, and calling "Three large strategy in the world school". Some of facilities at the naval academy are being used in the first Technical School and Maritime Officer Candidate School now. It is a building of the ferroconcrete making constructed in 1936, and material that exceeds 10,000 points like Togo Heihachiro, Horasho Nelson, John Paul Jones, the hair of the deceased of Yamamoto 56, naval officer's book, and kamikaze pilot's testament, etc. is preserved. The main armament of main armament cannonball and battleship "Mutsu" of special purpose submarine and battleship "Japan" used by the Pearl Harbor attack has been exhibited on the premises. 大和ミュージアム(呉市海事歴史科学館)は、明治以降 の日本の近代化の歴史そのものである「呉の歴史」と、 その近代化の礎となった造船、製鋼を始めとした各種の 「科学技術」を、先人の努力や当時の生活・文化に触れ ながら紹介しています。館内には、10分の1戦艦「大和」 が展示され、大型資料展示室の零式艦上戦闘機や人間魚 雷「回天」、特殊潜航艇「海龍」などは、すべて本物で す。屋外には、戦艦「陸奥」の主砲身や潜水調査船「し んかい」などの実物も展示され、芝生広場や大和の大き さを再現した公園も整備されています。 江田島基地(えたじまきち、JMSDF Etajima Naval Base)とは、広島県江田島市江田島町国有無番地に所在 る、海上自衛隊の基地である。第1術科学校、幹部候補 学校の他、対岸にある呉基地に配備されているおおす 型輸送艦のLCAC訓練施設・整備場、自衛隊貯油場などが ある。また、海上自衛隊の特殊部隊「特別警備隊(SBU)」 ここに配備されている。 江田島基地の前身は、日本日本海軍の兵科士官養成機関 である海軍兵学校である。海軍兵学校は、1888年に東京 築地から江田島に移り、戦前はイギリス海軍のダート ス兵学校、アメリカ海軍のアナポリス兵学校と並び、 世界3大兵学校」と呼ばれた[要出典]。海軍兵学校の施 のいくつかは現在も第1術科学校や幹部候補生学校で使 されている。 1936年に建築された鉄筋コンクリート造りの建物であり 東郷平八郎、ホレーショ・ネルソン、ジョン・ポール ジョーンズ、山本五十六の遺髪、海軍将校の書、特攻 員の遺書など、1万点を超える資料が保存されている。 地内には、真珠湾攻撃で使用された特殊潜航艇、戦艦 大和」 の主砲砲弾、戦艦「陸奥」の主砲が展示されている。

It is animation when going out to the endurance race of the Atsushi aiming sports Maeta sponsoring. Atsushi Maeta died in a hospital Mancunian in the transportation destination at British local 11:16PM (Japan standard time and 7:16AM, June 6th), June 5 in time, when the preliminary contest of man island TT race running of the participation in 2006 though was Atsushi Maeta who crashed and was injured on May 29. As man island TT race, May 29 was this year's ..".. running the ..man island TT race.. first on the second practice running day for Maeta. Maeta who had begun to run the first every a man island local afternoon of time about 6:30 by the hand seemed to have encountered the collision with the following car when having run from the starting point slowly by some reasons in the point of about three miles (Union Mills ahead). Maeta who had owed the fracture of several places such as pelves and ribs was transported to hospital (Noble's Hospital) on the man island, and received intensive care due to the accident. The state of the lull has been regained by the emergency surgery though it temporarily fell into the critical condition by internal bleeding according to the fracture etc. Afterwards, it transports it to British own country and Mancunian hospital (North Manchester General Hospital) by helicopter to receive the treatment of the specialist of the pelvis on local night of time on June 1. It died at British local 11:17PM (Japan standard time and 7:17AM, June 6th), June 5 in time, though the operation was undergone in Manchester. 」 Thank you for the brave figuer. エイミングスポーツ前田淳さん主催の耐久レースに出た 時の動画です、 前田淳さんは、2006年参戦中のマン島TTレース予選走行に おいて、5月29日にクラッシュ・負傷した前田淳ですが、 イギリス現地時間6月 5日午後11時16分(日本時間・6月6日午前 7時16分)、搬送先のマンチェスターの病院にて永眠され ました、 「5月29日は、マン島TTレースとしては練習走行2日目で、 前田にとっては 今年のマン島TTレース最初の走行でした。マン島現地時 午後6時半頃 に1番手で走り出した前田は、スタート地点から3マイル どの地点 (ユニオン・ミルズ先)で、何らかの理由でスロー走行 していたところ、 後続車との衝突事故に遭った模様です。  事故により、骨盤、肋骨など数ヶ所の骨折を負った前 田は、マン島の 病院(Noble's Hospital)に搬送され、集中治療を受けました。 骨折に伴う内出血などにより、一時は危篤状態に陥りま したが、緊急手 術で小康状態を取り戻しました。  その後、骨盤の専門医の治療を受けるため、6月1日現 時間夜、 イギリス本国・マンチェスターの病院(North Manchester General Hospital) にヘリコプターで移送。マンチェスターにおいても 手術を受けましたが、 イギリス現地時間6月5日午後 11時17分(日本時間・6月6日午前7時 17分)、 永眠いたしました。」 勇姿をありがとうございます、