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Funny !! Driver Removes Car from Path as it Blocked it
Path is blocked by car, so driver removes it from The Way in a Funny Manner. Watch Now to enjoy & have Fun. Searches: i don't, actually, know, what, that, means, but, good, car, blocked, russia, driver,funny,hilarious,video,entertainment

Pissed off neighbor blocks driveway
After several verbal altercations the female barbers daughter decides to block my entrance into my driveway...until I started filming.

Ohio Residents DESTROY Neighbors Vehicle!!!
(For licensing or usage, contact When bad neighbors move in, bad things are bound to happen. But when do bad things become the unthinkable? Right now in this very video, that's when. These guys warned their neighbors repeatedly to not park in or block their driveway with no success. The neighbors continued to park in the driveway until the point that the camera man gives them three strikes, and those three strikes racked up fast. Angry camera man and his wrecking crew decide to put an end to the neighbors car all together. It starts out with a huge blacked out Excursion smashing and running over the neighbors Ford Taurus. That's when things turn crazy. A second neighbor from across the street that watched the action unfolding decided he wanted a starting role in their revenge video. He drives a Dodge Ram straight out of the movie "Twister" with all the dents and dings to go along with it. It doesn't take long before it's a one on none demolition derby in the camera man's driveway. But don't think it stops there, nope! Soon many people from the neighborhood see what's going on, and upon learning the story, they proceed to destroy the car as well. Men, women, and children all participated in this sheet metal slaughter! The next morning, police identified and arrested the three neighborhood men and two woman also involved in the videos. The men received 5 years each while the woman ended up with three years. In the end, who was really taught the lesson here?

Blocked Driveway Revenge
Pissed off home owner pulls car that blocked his driveway into the middle of the street and leaves it there, until the cops show up and vehicle owner returns... For more info on the artist whose song was featured in the video visit his website at ... He was also featured in a documentary "Jamaica Hip Hop" that's being streamed on Amazon Prime... ?ie=UTF8&qid=1506950966&sr=8-3&keywords=jamaica+hip+hop * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting For licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com.