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Don't park in front of people's driveway Part 2!
We always have people parking their cars in front of our driveway, by the time we call the traffic warden or the tow truck the car owners turn up and remove their vehicles. This car has been getting comfortable even after i'd given it the benefit of doubt when it was parked illegally all day Friday. So Saturday came - the same car did it again and parked illegally. Unfortunately it was too late for this driver as she learnt her lesson the hard way. The motto of this story is quite simple... don't park in front of people's driveway or face a £65 fine + £200 for a tow! This is my second catch in 2 months! *Drum Roll* Dun dun duuuuun! I'm getting good at this, will i be able to impound one car every month? I am one. I am King. I will have your car fined and impounded, bring it on!

Boston Snow Plow Driver Fired after Deliberately Burying Cars and Blocking Driveways
Massachusetts snow plow driver was fired after he posted video online of himself gleefully burying parked cars in the snow. The driver, who goes by "Dogg," told that he lost his job as a contractor for the city of Lowell, Mass. Friday after his video went viral and was shown on the local news. He said he shot the footage through his windshield earlier this month when Lowell was digging out from under a blizzard.

Idiot parking in my driveway payback
Idiot pulls into my driveway and goes across the street and goes shopping so I blocked him in for an hour and ten minutes and I decided to embarrass this moron and post it up on YouTube to give people an idea to get even when someone parks where they don't belong.

Parking your work vehicle in your driveway may be a thing of the past
Reported by: Chris Nallan "If it's just workers taking a truck home why is it an issue," said John Daniels. John Daniels works for a heating and air conditioning company in Lower Allen Township. "I just drive the work truck home when I'm on call so if I get a call in the middle of the night I can just leave without having to drive to our shop," said Daniels. Without John's truck being parked at his house, his job couldn't be done. "Are we going to get fined for parking in front of somebody's house during the day, when we're fixing a faucet or heating and air conditioning," said Daniels. Monday night Lower Allen Township commissioners met to continue their discussion on regulations for commercial vehicle parking in residential areas. This came after a small number of anonymous complaints saying commercial vehicles were eyesores and could be dangerous. Several against this idea spoke out at the Lower Allen Township meeting Monday night. "I don't know what your motivation is, if it's like you say it's to make the township look prettier." "Over the past forty years no ones complained to me about my property." "When I'm called by 911 I have twenty minutes to respond so that truck must be at my home." After an overwhelming number of residents sharing their concerns about this new proposed ordinance, Lower Allen Township Commissioners decided to reconsider their proposal. "It's very hard to look at these folks and hear their life story with this faceless complainer somewhere, who's going to change all of their lives" Lower Allen Township does plan to look further into the current ordinance set back in 2011 concerning only RVs.