One Lap Galant VR4 Dyno Tuning at STM

Emery and the crew at Street Tuned Motorsports gave us some Dyno time to sort out the One Lap of America Galant VR4.

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'91 Galant VR-4 pte 5857 turbo 11.8@120 track runs
Old-school Galant VR-4 (#108/2000) hitting the track for the first time. Running a built motor & pte5857 ball bearing turbo on pump gas.

6G Galant Dyno Run
A 6th gen Galant does a couple Dyno runs at incredible PSI causing incredible numbers out of a 4cyl.

1991 Galant VR4 (EVO 0) 563 awhp!
563 awhp (24 psi)

FSR Dyno 678hp 496tq Galant VR4 AEM EMS S1