Crush Em !!! ...illegal street racers cars crushed

Several cars that where involved in illegal street racing in Ontario, Ca Had there cars impounded to latter find out that the cars hwere to be destroyed do to having stolen engines, transmissions, and other performance perts or modifications.

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Car Crushing and Shredding - CARnage 06
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Demo of how quickly a car can be stripped for parts — It doesn't take long for thieves to strip a car for parts to sell on the black market. As a way to remind drivers of this, Allstate Insurance Co. Thursday launched a 14-state tour to show just how fast a car can be stolen and stripped.

This is a special report on illegal Street Racing. Parts of this was shot during two recent Drag-net Bust's on airport Drive in Ontario, Ca The Bust was Sept 27th 2008 not 2009 "typo"

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