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318 rebuild White Shark - 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury
Rebuilding stock 318 v-8 engine, 1967 Plymouth Fury.

Extreme Budget Engine Rebuild- Part 1
DIY Home mechanic rebuilding an engine on a budget. This part covers how to know if you need a rebuild, guaranteed minimum expenses you will have, teardown, and how to measure for wear on the bottom end to determine if parts can be reused or if new part replacement, or machine shop work will be required and what it will cost. Strategy is to develop a complete budget needed for the rebuild before investing any money in the project at all. Part 2 is here:

Mopar 5.2L 318 Teardown and Overhaul (Part 4)
Examining the valve train. Follow my step-by-step teardown, inspection and overhaul of this Mopar (Dodge/Jeep) 5.2L V8 I bought used on craigslist.

Dodge Chrysler V8 318 Mopar II con video