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1970 Coronet Superbee Drifting, Donuts, Idling, OPEN HEADER, FULL THROTTLE, from the driver's seat

www.XtremeBee.com - 1970 Superbee Drifting, Donuts, Idling, OPEN HEADER V8 sounds, FULL THROTTLE, no playin around here! 2009. ACE Appetite Control Energy. Natural Energy and Dietary supplement! Lose all the weight you wish, NATURALLY! http://www.AceArmy.com Souped 440, automatic, dana60 w/ 4.10 posi! For more SUPERBEE info, check out the Bee Site at: http://www.XtremeBee.com Support the XtremeBee.com project: http://www.StudyEnergyPills.com http://www.PCSolid.com http://www.Awesomefire.com http://www.YourFlea.com http://www.RepairYou.com Thanks! dodge coronet superbee, fast and furious, mopar all the way, mopar or nocar, hemi no, wedge yes! :)


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1970 Superbee test drive

800 HP Dodge Charger 605 cid / 9.9 L - The most bad-ass American muscle car ever?!
Jamboolio records one of the most bad-ass Pro Touring cars out there, a fully customized 1973 Dodge Charger SE with a custom built 605 cubic inch / 9.9 Liter Big Block V8 engine packing 805 horsepower and about 740 lb-ft (1000 Nm) of torque! The interior is also all new with gauges and sport seats and the wheels are 20" ZE Forged Friction rims. The owner has thought about supercharging this beast when it would make about 1000 HP even though the wheels spin in the third gear already! Enjoy the video! Location: 'Helsinki Cruising Night' Helsinki, Finland 2013 RELATED VIDEOS: - LOUD MUSCLE! 1969 Dodge Charger R/T - incredible V8 and Exhaust SOUND!! http://youtu.be/yA0WOesONRk - 1970 Dodge Charger 500 Supercharged - loud BLOWER V8 sound!! http://youtu.be/o-xyxjHJBRA - 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Magnum - amazing V8 and Exhaust sound! http://youtu.be/uP7yw40HF5o Watch in High Definition (1080p HD). RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE for more upcoming car videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Jamboolio Jamboolio - Automotive Blog: http://jamboolio.blogspot.com/ Follow Jamboolio on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/Jamboolio

1970 super bee dodge 383
setting in the back woods in Alabama......car is complete all parts is there

1970 Dodge Coronet SuperBee American Muscle Car
Come watch this classic 1970 Dodge Coronet SuperBee American Muscle Car in action.

Unlawful Racing Complete Restoration of Randy Boligs 1970 Super Bee.mpg

Muscle Car Of The Week Video #21: 1970 Dodge Super Bee 440 6-Pack
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Muscle-Car-Of-The-Week/155673761263376 This 1970 Dodge Super Bee is not the car you want to drive if you don't like attention. This Top Banana Yellow example from the Brothers Collection is not only visibly noticible thanks to the bright color and white interior and stripes, but the 440 6-Pack under the hood causes a stir on the street anywhere you go!

1970 Dodge SuperBee GSS
To Hell and Back. Restoration took 6 months and 10 days This is a picture and video presentation of a detailed restoration of a 1970 Superbee GSS that went from the junkyard to the World Of Wheels Car Show in Calgary AB Canada, and is the first ever restored vehicle to win the Jim Leslie Memorial Award, The show's highest honour. Restored by 19 year old Josh Levair and his father Terry Levair of Investment Vehicle Restorations

Tony's SuperBee Burnout
Tony's SuperBee Burnout

Mutant Bee - 70 SuperBee by Muscle Rod Shop
Mutant Bee - 70 Super Bee by Muscle Rod Shop / Paintshop101 for Plum Floored Creations

1970 Super Bee in action
After a long winter the beast is finally out, wreaking havoc on the asphalt. Keep an eye when I merge onto the highway the van in the mirror, remember it is doing at least 60 mph, watch it dissapear. Always havin fun!

1970 Super Bee smokin hides BURNOUT
Painting the pavement with Hoosier paint and Mopar Dana 60 applicator. 6K rev limiter was used making this video too. Measured it, exactly 300ft of rubber (no holding it with the brakes) just 610hp big block and 580ft/lbs of torque.

WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD SOMEONE LET THESE CARS RUST TO HELL? I HAVE NO IDEA. WELL ENJOY THE VIDEO. THANKS FOR WATCHING! Music : Abandoned-Dangerous_Shadows-Deep_Inside can be found at http://www.freeplaymusic.com/ CHECK OUT ALSO -- STRANGE LOOKING-HOMEMADE-MODERN GUNS HERE http://adf.ly/8hot3

Texas DOG chasing a 1970 Dodge Coronet Superbee Idlin, Revving, and peelin out BIG TIME!...
Dog's name is BANDIT! Guess she can't tell the diff between a COW and a BEE, ey? ha!... lol... I've had this Bee since 1989. Bought it from an air force buddy who also worked on nuclear I.C.B.M. (Nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) as I did. He, and the Bee, were both from Omaha Nebraska. He drag raced it at the track AND drove it on the street way back then. After I bought it, I fixed up the ol 383 he had left in a crate in the base hobby shop, installed it, and drove it around along with my 1969 Chevy Camaro RS that I'd put a 400 sb chevy in, with vette 327 camel hump 1.94 closed chambered heads on, chrome hooker competition headers and SIDEPIPES, that was a SCREAMER as well! Also drove around a 1969 Chevy SS396 Chevelle, that I'd put a 69 327 out of a 69 impala I'd bought for $100! Had 100k miles on it when I bought it... Put the 400 heads on teh 327, BIG mistake, but sure ran smooth with that REALLY low compression, just not much power, was VERY reliable though!.... Anywho, drove the Bee down from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Waco, and then to Houston, swapped out the tired ol 383 for a newly rebuilt warmed over 440 out of a 69 Chrysler Newport. bored it .060 over, new pistons, resized rods, polished crank, and used same ol 906 heads off of the ol 383... no porting at this point, went to college, drove it throughout college along with an ol 1972 Jaguar XJ6, I'd recently acquired for $1,700, and put my ol 455 buick V8 out of my ol 72 Buick estate wagon. Jag did 14.6 in the quarter at the Houston Raceway Park dragstrip... 4 wheel disk brakes on that 72 jag! AND was a posi! THEN FINALLY those ol 906 regular gas heads finally started leaking due to a burnt Exhaust valve port or two! so, found a nice ol 400 out of a 70's chrysler for $150 or so, hand ported the heck out of those unleaded heads, slapped em on the 440, and we were off to cruisin n messin w/ all the stangs n Camaro's and rice burners that always luv to try and mess with old muscle... As well as messed with crotch rockets/rice rockets! Found out that if the bike has a passenger on board, I could beat em no prob... If they had no passenger, then was tougher to stay ahead of em... Bee's best time before the 440 install was 14.8 in the quarter. Best time after 440 install was a 13.4 in the quarter with a sub 2 second 60 foot time, which isn't bad for a car with radials and no traction controls or wheelie bars! lol... Since the 440 install, I've: - installed those newly ported unleaded heads, - put a bigger cam(292/.509 purple cam), - alum radiator, - replaced power steering with manual steering box - Alum slot rims - battery to trunk - MSD 6AL - Holley Street Dominator intake - Tuned headers - Newly rebuilt 727 trans... Check out www.XtremeBee.com for ALL the details and more vids! www.XtremeVette.com is about the newly ebay acquired 1975 Stingray Vette with a stroker 383 and muncie 4 speed with turbo body and hood kit installed(well, semi installed! lol) http://www.xtremebee.com 1970 Dodge Coronet Superbee 440, bored .060 over 292/.509 purple cam, hydraulic Self ported 452 unleaded heads, stock 2.08 valves... Holley 750 double pumper MSD 6AL electronic ignition, with 6K rpm rev limiter chip in it currently... Headers NO MUFFLERS!! 727 Automatic (Stock) Dana 60 with 4/10 posi Weight 3400 lbs, no driver, no back seat... This car used to be campaigned in Omaha Nebraska as Plumb Crazy... More info and specs at: www.XtremeBee.com Support the XtremeBee.com project: http://www.StudyEnergyPills.com http://www.PCSolid.com http://www.Awesomefire.com http://www.YourFlea.com http://www.RepairYou.com Thanks! dodge coronet superbee, fast and furious, mopar all the way, mopar or nocar, hemi no, wedge yes! :) dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet dodge coronet obama north korea dodge mopar hemi dana drag drift fast and furious turbo Nitrous oxide n20 burn out race best all time top 10 quickest fastest most powerful hp horsepower Dyno hho vette viper charger best deal cheapest ultimate super

1970 DODGE Coronet - Winter Cruising in Germany [HQ]
The weather was cold but dry so we took my buddy's Dodge for another ride on sunday. I did some video editing, nothing fancy... Enjoy! :-)

134316 / 1969 1/2 Dodge Coronet A12 Super Bee
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/d5x9e8e Dressed in a correct and highly desirable black and Hemi Orange color combination, rocking an original Magnum 440 Six Pack under its hood and hiding a tough A833 4-speed under its floors, this Galen Govier certified A12 Super Bee is the kind of investment grade classic that will continue to rise in value! Judging by the spectacular looks of this slick Super Bee's body, everything from welding up its new quarter and filler panels to blocking its surfaces, spraying its glossy basecoat, and buffing its mirror-like clearcoat was handled by one very meticulous team. The car's tough, slab-sided profile has been straightened and finessed until it looks smoother and lines up better than most of today's showroom fresh offerings. Its glossy two-stage urethane accurately reproduces Chrysler's vivid Hemi Orange finish while providing a wet-look shine that's only achieved with decades of highly advanced paint technology. And overall, this broad shouldered B-body is one super slick show piece which wraps brutal performance and a high level of accuracy in classic lines and killer good looks. Rebuilt, fully-detailed and wearing a correct 2536430-8 casting number, a (5) May (8) 8th of 1969 (69) casting date and a matching 302883 partial VIN, this slick Coronet's 440 cubic inch Magnum V8 is spectacular in every measurable way. At the top of the 390 horsepower monster, a correct trio of Holley 2-barrel carburetors is housed within a fully-functional induction system that inhales so much air you might worry about the hood caving in at full throttle! At the base of those carburetors, a correct Edelbrock aluminum intake rides between original heads and traditional stamped steel valve covers. At the front of those valve covers, a reliable electronic distributor sends spark through correct reproduction Chrysler plug wires. And at the sides of that distributor, restored original Exhaust manifolds funnel spent gases into a great sounding true dual Exhaust system. Like the block itself, the car's Hemi Orange engine bay is highly detailed and features an impressive roster of authentic equipment. There's a rebuilt master cylinder bolted to the firewall, a correct 26 inch radiator pushing water through reproduction Chrysler hoses and correct squeeze clamps, a fresh Mopar red cap battery, and even a Chrysler branded washer fluid tank. Behind the legendary Chrysler big block you'll find an original A833 23 spline 4-speed which wears a correct 302883 partial VIN and a PP833 2860 0341 build stamp that decodes as an A833 model transmission (PP833) which was the 341st (341) unit produced on May 27th of 1969 (2860). Behind that transmission, a rugged Dana 60 rear end precisely correlates the driver's foot to floor ratio to the car's power to pavement ratio. And below that star studded drivetrain, a heavy duty front torsion bar and rear leaf suspension has been completely restored to include factory power steering and correct 11 inch power drum brakes. Exhaust is handled by free-flowing 2.5 inch pipes which send cooked dinosaurs through an H-style crossover, two-chamber Flowmaster mufflers and traditional stainless tips. And power flows to the ground through a standard set of 15 inch steel wheels which spin meaty 205/70 Firestone Supreme red line radials around chrome lug nuts and gloss black paint. This Coronet's fender tag says it was originally equipped with a Chrysler code X black interior and it has been restored, just as the factory intended, to provide the kind of jaw-dropping good looks you just can't find in today's cars. The rear bench and front bucket seats have been stuffed with firm padding and topped with high quality reproduction covers. At the sides of those seats, fresh door panels hang new armrests under fresh stainless trim and correct black frames. At the bottom of those seats, like-new carpet centers a chrome Hurst shifter inside a correct center console and stylish Super Bee floor mats. The dash, which appears to be original, hangs a set of fully rebuilt Rallye gauges beside an authentic Dodge Solid State AM radio that sports Chrysler's cool thumb-wheel knobs. And in front of the driver, an original looking steering wheel spins around a rebuilt steering column. Call, click or visit http://RKMotorsCharlotte.com for more information on this awesome car!

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