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Land Rover 110 V8 running on LPG Gas in DEEP SH#T!

Tom shows us some of the problems with running LPG in the mud


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Land Rover 110 V8 & Range Rover Classic 'Ramp Breakover Angle' off road test
Range Rover &110 having fun off road Ever wondered what 'ramp breakover angle' is? so did we till we filmed this.....

Tom's V8 Land Rover Defender 110 roll over
Tom finds out the hard way that gravity can be a real bitch sometimes

Land Rover 110 V8 in Deep Water!
Tom takes his 110 in too deep & pays the price

Land Rover 110 & Range Rover Classic take on the Devils Stairway
2 of Land Rovers finest take on a very tough off road challenge, a steep rocky incline known as the 'Devils Stairway' A real axle killer!

300tdi Range Rover Classic goes in deep! (arse first!)
We thought it would be a good idea to go in arse first so not to drown the engine, all good clean fun!

V8 110 Land Rover & Range Rover Full Throttle Off Road
110's mighty V8 vs. 300TDI Range Rover Classic!

Range Rover Classic stuck in a ditch BIG TIME!
Yes, watch in amazement as these 'Hardcore' professional off roaders rescue this stranded vehicle. You can tell they're 'Hardcore' because they off road in trainers, they make it look as easy as popping a cork from a champagne bottle.

Land Rovers Destroy Mobility Scooter & Pay The Price!
The final few minutes of the Scooters life-but it doesn't go without a fight!

Land Rover Defender 90 trayback in a ditch
The fantastic 90 trayback drives across a deep narrow ditch, this video makes you appreciate the importance of front and rear body overhang, less is definitely more!

land rover defender does well to get out of the pit at hill n ditch
defender 90 does well to get out of the pit

Land Rover Discovery, Defender 90 & 110 + Range Rover Classic get a full workout off road

Dukere's Defender QT 4.8 V8 300HP
Dukeres with his great Defender QT with almost 300 hp at VasiliSx4 Geraneia mountain ride.

How to fit a Defender LocBox Cubby box from Exmoor Trim
We take a quick look at fitting one of Exmoor Trims Locboxes to our Defender 110 soft top - to add a little security.

Deep Water Wading in Skipton 2 (Defender 90)

3 Idiots, a Land Rover & a Plasma cutter
Having fun with a plasma cutter I'm not sure what a 'purist' is, but if your one, you probably won't like this...

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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