ANTRIM DIESEL at the Mason Dixon Dragway 2012

Antrim Diesel Truck Drags & Show 2012 Mason Dixon Dragway (Boonsboro, MD) October 21, 2012 HD -- 20:07 min Corporate video produced by Jean-Daniel Bloesch

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Mason Dixon Dragway Stock/Super Stock Racing
The Annual Lee Sherman Stock/Super Stock Race at Mason Dixon Dragway. Filmed on Nov. 2, 2013.

A DRAGSTER'S DREAM - Trailer (Long version)
In the United States, spectacular drag races are both a national sport and the manifestation of a popular subculture. In the midst of the deafening roar of these motorized jousts and the acrid fumes of Exhaust and burning tires, a relish for challenge, the passion of victory, solidarity and friendship, but also money, rivalry and little concern about environmental hazards combine to produce an extraordinary drama at the Mason Dixon Dragway. A documentary feature with roaring engines, burning tires... and amazing people! Currently in production. Shot at the Mason Dixon Dragway, Boonsboro, Maryland USA. Producer, Director, Cinematographer: Jean-Daniel Bloesch Editor: Jean-Pascal Azais Tech. Assistants: Khalarath Bloesch-Sek, Kim David Bloesch and Thypo Chhim © 2012 Swiss filmmaker Jean-Daniel Bloesch has been producing and directing documentaries since the sixties. He also has been a producer and director at the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation for many years. In 1985 his feature-length film DANCE OF TEARS -- about the Khmer Classical Dance Troup in Wheaton, MD -- won a Golden Gate Award (Best Network Documentary) at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Today Jean-Daniel Bloesch lives in Hagerstown, MD and works as an independent producer and media consultant.

Truck pulls Western Md V8 Mack Superliner Mason-Dixon Dragway, Boonsboro Md. Hagerstown Md
Truck pulls at Mason-Dixon Dragway, Boonsboro Md. Hagerstown Md Western Md V8 Mack Superliner 10-15-11