Ice storm insanity!

This is what happens to innocent drivers going to church on a Sunday morning DURING FREEZING RAIN!

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Numerous Icy Crashes and Spinouts Caught on Tape - Charleston, WV, March 8, 2008
** No one was hurt in any of these accidents. ** Learn more about driving on icy roads at: This footage has aired in many national and local television programming. Numerous accidents and spinouts on an icy Interstate 64 bridge are caught on camera. A car spins out and is then hit by a second car unable to stop. Other cars spin out dangerously close to tractor-trailers. Others strike the jersey barrier and do complete 360 spins. Lots of close calls round out this intense and dramatic sequence. Footage includes ground-level aftermath and fire/police/EMS response shots (no one was hurt). Stock footage catalog #HD-WVX-030808A Copyright Dan Robinson. See: ape-hd-wvx-030808a.php

driving down icy hill road gathers cheery spectators
russian kind of winter sports olympics -- car curling

Cars Sliding Down a Snowy Hill in Yonkers
I watch cars slide down this hill every time there's a snow storm or ice. I love the song and hope it doesn't get taken down. Also, see my blog, Seen In Yonkers.

Funny Construction work - Funny.
Funny and weird Construction work. How could things get to this point. I do not understand where is the construction Labor Broad in all this. Now there is many things that are funny her and most I do not understand how and why that have done the things that I see here. Anyways enjoy the video and I do that you do not try this at home... The music just sucks, I originally had a nice sound track but I violated Goggles copyrighted material (they are right). So I added this music for it was free at that time, but now I have purchased new music but it's to late for this video. Please bear it,,,lol..:)