Ice storm insanity!

This is what happens to innocent drivers going to church on a Sunday morning DURING FREEZING RAIN!

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snow chains - next generation (part one)
Universal snow chains, fits to all tire sizes, for all wehicles, trucks, cars, motorbikes. Exelent performances, improves grip and braking on ice. No vibrations on steering wheel. avilable @ - UK: - Ireland: international: - wannabe dealer:

Truckers stop pursuit
Truckers help police stop a dangerous chase and may have possibly saved lives that day. This IS the real video guys!! If you want to see the fake video, it's called "How to out cycle a police car"

Cars Sliding Down a Snowy Hill in Yonkers
I watch cars slide down this hill every time there's a snow storm or ice. I love the song and hope it doesn't get taken down. Also, see my blog, Seen In Yonkers.

Traffic Idiots
Traffic Idiots on the public way