How To: Replace a Dodge Neon Starter

This video explains briefly where to find the starter on a first generation Neon (also known as Plymouth Breeze). Fairly simple to perform, only requires jack stands, metric ratchet set with extension, and a Philips head screwdriver... and a new starter!

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How To Replace a Starter on 2002 Dodge Neon
Starter is mounted on two 15 mm bolts... you can remove him from the bottom...

Dodge Neon Starter Replacement
Starter replacement for the Dodge Neon. They're pretty simple to do and there aren't a ton of tools that you need. That is my kind of job.

95 Dodge Neon - Starter - No start, no crank condition
No start, no crank condition. Turn the key and there is nothing! 1) May be it is a starter problem? Time to pull out the multi-meter and test the starter motor and its solenoid. Digital and manual tests on the starter prove the stater works fine. - Watch this video on how to test your starter 2) Must be an ignition system problem. Visual inspection of the steering column from the inside reveal a tiny pin key has fallen off! This is not listed or shown in the tear down manual. 3) Problem solved! Without this pin chip key the starter solenoid wasn't getting the signal to work. I have since secured the key and have had no further problems. An easy fix this time, hopefully this helps someone else. I had no idea this little pin key was there or that it was so important!

Starter problem on 96 Neon
Well the problems with my 96 Dodge Neon continue. The starter went out and left me stuck. Right at the gas station at the pump. After having just filled the tank. Jees bad timing. So hear is what i had to deal with. Oh the car is back on the road now and running ok. Just wondering what is next!